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keeping things in their place

i recently reorganized "my" drawer in the bathroom -- it holds makeup, jewelry, tweezers, nail clippers, stuff of that ilk. i have always had a little plastic basket in there, but i just added an ice cube tray for jewelry (got the idea from real simple. brilliant.).

when i get home from work, i usually change my clothes right away and put any jewelry into that drawer, including my watch. for the past few days i've been taking off my watch in the bedroom instead of the bathroom. so, as a result, for the past few mornings i've been leaving my watch at home.

positively naked! absolutely naked! not having a watch is like walking around work without any pants!

today i went out of my way to remember my watch -- and it was amazing how much more assured i felt. without my watch, i felt like i didn't have control. for instance, how would i know if i spent too much time in the bathroom?

when i got home, i carefully rolled up my watch strap and tucked it into the ice cube tray. it has a home, it should stay there when it's off-duty. i don't know why i've been putting my watch in the wrong place. it could be that i've been unconsciously challenging the idea that things need homes. or maybe challenging the notion that i have routines. or maybe i've just been overwhelmed by all the organizing and reorganizing and blah blah-blah blah-blah. i don't know.



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