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new doctor

paul was miserable all the way to the doctor's office.

paul: i don't wanna go to the doctor!
paul: i'm not sick!

the misery stopped in the waiting room because there were aquariums and "shrek 2" to keep him busy. but... when the nurse called us in, the agony returned in full force. he refused to stand on the floor to have his height measured. no no no no no! (he had to be measured like a baby, lying down on the exam table.) he screamed while being weighed. no no no! the nurse was getting irritated. to that i say: what the hell are you doing in pediatrics?

she settled us into an exam room, gave us a little tiny gown for paul to wear and left. he refused, predictably, to put the gown on. cam was able to get him to put the gown on (and his slippers) by promising he could play with the faucet foot pedals. he whined and complained and fussed and was generally unresponsive to our attempts to comfort him.

when paul's new pediatrician came into the room, paul went silent -- then the mugging started. paul's doctor looks nothing like his old one, a pudgy little middle-aged man with glasses. paul's new doctor is a tall pretty young woman with curly hair. he proceeded to make faces at her.

dr: i think he's flirting with me!

he let her examine him.
dr: how old are you?
paul: i'm about three.

he's in the 40th percentile for height and weight. wasn't he in the 50th percentile last year? i guess he's shrinking.

paul kept asking about his blood pressure, so we told him to ask the doctor.
dr: does he have a doctor kit at home?
us: yes.
dr: you can always tell the kids with doctor's kits at home!

she looked for a cuff small enough, but couldn't find one she could bring to us. the nurse returned and took us to another room to hook paul up to the blood pressure monitor. he didn't complain. she wasn't able to get a reading, but paul was satisfied. the nurse gave him a few stickers and we went home.

i'm hoping that he'll remember how much he liked the doctor the next time we need to bring him in for a checkup -- and i'm hoping that he won't remember how much he disliked the nurse because next time i bet he'll need shots and it'll be her job to give them to him.



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