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one for my homies

today would have been my dad's 70th birthday.

in the past, i think i would have taken this day off from work, but i'm not entirely sure. now my dad's death anniversary -- i know i would have definitely taken that one off to spend with my mom.

how sad it is that we focus so heavily on death. a few years back, my mom threw a little posthumous birthday party for my brother (we had pizza!), and i can't say it was a smashing success. we were all so conscious about the fact that the guest of honor wasn't among us, but still... kudos to my mother for trying to shine the light on his life instead of his untimely demise.

what can i do to celebrate my dad's birthday? we're going to the cemetery this weekend, but that hardly counts. you know, i think a beer might be a good idea. i only drank with my dad once or twice (as an adult -- those cans of beer my brother and i surreptitiously sipped as children don't count, especially since they were coors), so i think having a drink with my father is an excellent idea.



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