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potential blindness

i've had this thing by my right eye for ages now. a white blister-blemish. doesn't hurt. doesn't sting. doesn't do a thing but irritate MY VERY SOUL.

for i am a dermatologist's worst nightmare. i am a picker -- a squeezer -- a digger. i wield my extractor with far more enthusiasm than skill.

even though cam has warned me away from this particular blemish (you know, being that it's right by my eye -- i actually once thought it was a blocked tear duct or something until i actually looked closely at it), yesterday i got the bug to get rid of it. i'll spare you the details, but armed with tweezers and a safety pin, i got it out. satisfaction!

so... if i have to cease work on this blog in the near future because i only have one working eye, you'll know how that happened.



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