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saturday night lights

last night cam and i went to see "rabbit hole" at the geffen playhouse, the first play of the new season. paul stayed with my mom, and he was predictably less than pleased to see us leave.

i look forward to these "date nights" -- but it's funny to see how they have become less and less planned as time goes on. the first time we went, we had a nice dinner out with wine at an old favorite restaurant (sure, the wind sort of messed it up by blowing in a screen, which knocked a bottle of wine all over me, but that's beside the point). one night we ate at an interesting mediterranean place in westwood we had never gone to before. one night we just got grilled cheese and fries from the drive-thru at in 'n' out. last night, we sort of planned to go canter's on fairfax, but we ran out of time. instead we wandered through westwood without any real destination in mind -- and were pleased and startled to come across a chain pizza place (a small chain, mind you) that cam loves. we shared a few slices of pizza, then impulsively stopped by haagen-dazs. we zipped over to the theater just a few scant minutes before the play started.

in those minutes, though, i did have the surprise of seeing peter gallagher come out of the bathroom.

cam: i peed next to the dad from the oc.

it was a good play, i think, but i felt like it had an antiseptic quality. it was distant. the main event -- which takes place prior to the play's setting -- was the accidental death of a child -- so the play explores the aftermath. after a week like we've had (our "week of funerals"), perhaps this wasn't the best play for us to go see. i am not claiming that i KNOW loss or that i GET grief, but i just felt like this play lacked the emotional resonance that it could have had. maybe the problem here was that i just didn't GET the play. i don't know.

when we got home, we were planning on wine and thursday's tivo'd csi, but paul woke up, sniffly and teary, with other things in mind. i'm surprised cam got any sleep at all.



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