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THE tantrum squared

apparently i spoke too soon.

last night paul had a meltdown that probably left scars on the walls. when we got home from work last night, he was half asleep. within ten minutes, the screaming started. kicking, screaming, yelling, slapping -- i eventually had him stay in his room with the instructions to come get me when he was ready to calm down and talk. i sent my mom home, i sent cam off to get gas for the car (and told him to stay out of paul's room). then i took the baby monitor and listened to paul's shrieks while i started dinner.

because i'm a hypocrite, i stopped by paul's room every few minutes to see how he was doing. sometimes i'd stay outside and just listen from the hallway. sometimes i'd call out through the door. sometimes i'd come inside, just to be told to go away -- i wouldn't leave right away, though. i'd sit down on the floor and wait a few minutes. he'd calm down for a bit, but then i'd leave when he'd get hysterical again.

finally he told me to sit on the floor.

me: okay, i'm sitting down.
me: what do you want?
me: tell me what you want.
paul: [crying] to sit on your lap.


turns out that he was angry with us because he thought we came home from work too late. i carried him to another room and explained to him that the time had changed, which is why it was so dark outside.

me: we actually came home at the time we always come home.
paul: [quavering] okay.

good freaking god. what a draining experience. i couldn't even stay awake to see off him to bed.



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