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i've been thinking about a dedicated bag for dry cleaning for a while. the goal is to actually take stuff to the cleaners before i forget i own the stuff waiting to be cleaned. we've always just used nicer paper shopping bags, but it's kind of hard to keep those around the house because we have a silverfish problem. one day i spent a few minutes browsing the container store site for options. i considered an umbra crunch can, but was pretty meh about it. an orange bag with "dry cleaning" in big white letters across the side was cute, but not really practical for outside the house. (how stupid i'd feel carrying that bag in public.) i thought about using an ikea bag (we have a few of those blue ones you can buy that are just like the yellow ones you can use in-store), but man, those things are huge.

yesterday i got a package -- a brown tote bag with brown/turquoise striped handles. it was a freebie with my new subscription to domino. it was cute, but a little too big for me. but then a lightbulb went on over my head. now i have a new dry cleaning bag. i initially thought it was too small for that, but if we go often enough, it should be perfect. it wipes clean, it folds flat, it's pretty. it's nice when things fall into place like that.



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