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wall street

paul is really milking the natal celebration thing for all it's worth. he is not having a birthday, he is having a birthmonth. every single freaking day it seems like he has something new. a remote-controlled helicopter (from my mom -- a disappointment to paul because it didn't actually fly), a shake 'n' go truck (from my mother's friend -- because paul specifically asked her to buy it), a balsa wood airplane (from the "rite aid airplane repair shop" -- i'll explain this one day), a remote-controlled dump truck and a garbage truck... will this toy deluge never end? paul still isn't satisfied, though. he wants more and more remote-controlled stuff. he still believes there's stuff hiding in the closet. he still thinks that the most special of special gifts is yet to come -- and he may be right.

cam has a remote-controlled blimp hiding in our room. he just picked up a helium tank friday night. we'll see how that one goes over with our little toy critic.



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