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flylady says to do a load of laundry a day. real simple recommends a load of laundry a day.

after years of the weekend laundry routine, i decided to try a different tactic. maybe not a load a day (we don't make things dirty enough to have a whole load's worth after a day), but i tried spreading it out over the week -- and it was great! i only had two loads to do this past weekend. the main problem i see with doing laundry during the week is that i can't leave anything in either the washer or dryer when i go to work because my mother may want to do her laundry. what i don't finish, she does. although it is nice in a way to come home to washed and folded clothes/sheets/whatnot, it's so guilt-inducing. it's bad enough she does my dishes (i've been doing the dishes myself lately per flylady -- which makes cam feel bad, but apparently not bad enough to get to the sink before i do), but my laundry, too?

sure, i want a maid, but i don't want to call her "mom."

so i'll try this out again this week. if laundry during the week works out as nicely as it did this week, call me a convert.



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