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we be clubbin'

it's the mickey mouse clubhouse
come inside
it's fun inside

why does mickey mouse have to have such an ugly voice? why do they might be giants sing the theme song for every other show on playhouse disney? what the hell does "we've got ears, say cheers!" mean?

oh, toodles!

it's kind of funny how much paul likes this show. we came across it by accident one morning -- i thought i heard tmbg, so we watched it again to see if i was just imagining things. by then it was too late. paul had found another show to watch. cam seems to think that it's too young for paul, but i think that's just wishful thinking.

hot dog!

i don't really mind the show too much because it's nice, simple and preschool-appropriate (unlike that giant squid movie that we've been watching), but the opening theme song, argh! it eats into one's head and leaves her a jabbering disneyfied mess.

paul: more. sing it again.



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