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white facepaint

the claw game at our local bakers square must get lots of action -- every time we go, there's lots of new stuff in it.

when we were there last saturday, i noticed that the toys inside were sort of halloween-themed. there was even a halloween barbie doll in there. paul tried a few times to win a clown-looking thing, but was unsuccessful. (of course he was unsuccessful. he's only three feet tall. i crouched down to his level and couldn't even see the claw.) then cam tried it and won a fuzzy-haired black doll. i had seen it in the glass case and had amused myself with the idea that it was one of the members of kiss.

well. it wasn't gene simmons or paul stanley or either of the other two guys. and it wasn't death or dream (too much eye makeup). it was a "pocket goth."

good heavens.

inspired by the most recent episode of "my name is earl," cam christened the little goth "randy."

randy now lives in a paul's room. he is currently riding a makeshift train with classic pooh and walk-with-me pooh. maybe they'll start a band. maybe they'll start smoking cloves. if i walk into paul's room one day and see that it's been painted black, i'll know who came up with the idea.



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