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who? hoo.

the other day while boxing up old stuffed animals, i found a soft puppy toy in paul's closet. because he was pretty new (and paul had picked him out himself), i put him out with paul's other active-use toys.

he found it last night.

paul: look at this puppy.
me: what is his name?
paul: does he need a name?
me: yes, why not?
paul: okay.
paul: hoo.
me: his name is hoo?
paul: yes.
me: hoo the puppy?
paul: hoo the dog.

so hoo the dog it is. i know cam has been very confused by all the "hoo the dog" references going around, so i'm pretty much just explaining this for his benefit. i can hear him now.

cam: your blog is not a replacement for conversation!



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