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12 hours

he is asleep -- wonder how long it will last? it's really early for paul to go to bed, but he woke up at 7:30, happy and ready to play.

paul: wake up, mommy!
me: gmruphf.
paul: it's sunny!

he was unstoppable from that moment on. no naps. no curling up with milk and blue. no passing out in the car. just running, jumping and dancing -- inside, outside and all over the place.

during a game of "find gilbert" on the pbs kids site, he just sort of slumped.

me: is it bedtime?
paul: no, no, no!
cam: is it bedtime?
paul: [half crying] no!
me: no one is talking about bedtime.
me: no one is talking about going to sleep.
cam: or bed.
me: nope, no one said it was time for bed.
cam: is he out?
me: uh-huh.

so we tucked him into bed. whew. i'm tired.



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