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i don't get why whenever i say that someone is attractive or eye candy or whatever -- my assistant feels the need to jump in with something complimentary about cam.

me: and this is my attorney crush. [pointing at picture]
me: i just love them hapa boys.
my assistant: but cam, cam is perfect.
me: [exasperated] DID I SAY THAT HE WASN'T?

the last time this came up, i said, "did i say that i was talking about REALITY?"

i don't understand why he seems to have appointed himself protector of cam's interests. when i casually said one day that i had been chatting with joel, he positively freaked. "i don't like that," he said.

cam laughs.

it's kind of funny, kind of irritating. he claims that he sees me as a little sister and he therefore feels like he ought to butt into my life and take lighthearted-clearly-just-conversational-gambit-type-things-i-say-as-if-moses-had-handed-him-my-words-in-stone -- but DID I SAY THAT I NEEDED A BIG BROTHER?



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