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candy corny

much to my obvious disappointment, paul was not particularly enamored of his costume. in fact, he wouldn't even wear the big head long enough to take a real picture. i think i'll have to take a picture of the costume sans boy before i trash it just to prove that i was once enough of a gamer's wife to dress my child up as the prince of all cosmos.

since we live at the top of some scary stairs -- and our immediate neighborhood is mixed house/apartments/condos -- we don't get a whole lot in the way of trick-or-treaters. my mom puts a box of candy at the bottom of the stairs with a candle. honor system. oddly enough, it seems to work.

so paul could see what halloween usually means to children, we took him over to cam's parents' house. what a madhouse. it was almost as crowded as it was during the 4th of july (but without the crappy garage band). paul decided that passing out candy was his job and he took to it with great enthusiasm.

paul: come back!
paul: i have candy!

he wasn't interested in eating the candy -- it was purely there to be given away. he enjoyed looking at the costumes.

paul: [to a boy dressed in a football jersey] false start.

we were amused that he wasn't frightened by the scary masks.

cam's mom: he just looks up at them and offers them candy.

next year i think we'll come back to cam's parents' neighborhood to see if paul will actually be interested in trick-or-treating. i'm a little hesitant about it because he probably won't be able to eat any of the candy he gets (and that just sucks), but he had so much fun distributing candy maybe he won't mind putting his own little candy stash back into circulation.



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