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childish behavior

at the funeral today so many people asked paul his age that eventually he started greeting people by holding up three fingers.

paul: i'm three!

when i was younger and childless, i used to see kids running around at funerals and weddings and other such familial gatherings -- and i'd think that their parents were just plain lazy or inattentive. i now apologize to every parent i falsely maligned. (i actually think i've been doing that for the past three years.) paul was not willing to be held for very long. he was not willing to stand still for very long. he wanted to run in circles and he did. as long as he was fairly quiet, i was fine with that -- regardless of what all the childless folk there had to think about us.

there were other children there. (paul was taller and bigger than a tiny five-year-old girl. har. she was very cute and nice to paul. cam: "go hug her. people are always trying to make little kids hug each other.") my favorite moment was when three of the little kids, mine included, were standing behind their mothers, shyly looking at each other from the safe spot behind mommy's leg. adorable. none of those kids were as active as paul, but i heard that at least one of them had been running around like a little banshee at the viewing and rosary.

toddlers will be toddlers.



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