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freshly shod

realized a little while ago that paul needed new shoes because his old ones were getting a bit hard to put on. did my usual thing and went slightly overboard -- he now has three new pairs of size 10s. they're still sort of loose (guess I could have gone for 9.5s), so guess i've got to pick up some thicker socks while i'm still in the shopping spree mentality.

i indulged myself with two of the three pairs. sure, i got him a sensible pair of gray sneaker-esque things with zippers from lands end -- hardly fun -- but i also bought him a pair of minnetonka faux uggs and a pair of bright purple crocs. i had originally planned on a pair of real uggs, but zappos didn't have the right size in the right color. same went for the crocs. i ended up at shoebuy, where they had the purple crocs, but no uggs. blech. but then i saw the minnetonka ones (and i have fond memories of a pair of moccasins) which were cheaper anyway, so i did my shopping at that site instead.

these are both shoes that i would never personally wear, but they are just so cute on paul. uggs in small sizes on small children are adorable. they are not so good on grown women, especially grown women in leggings and/or minskirts. i never even thought about crocs until i saw a few little kids wearing them at disneyland. i figured, hey, if these kids are willingly wearing those godawful ugly things, then maybe they're comfortable. i meant to get them in blue or orange or green, but paul asked for purple. he wore them this morning. they fit over his pajama'd feet quite well.

now i don't want to buy new shoes for him until next october. we'll see how long these new shoes fit.



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