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giddy teenage years revisited

a couple of weeks ago, my programmer walked by as i was talking to a friend. i looked up and smiled a hello.

him: good morning! [patting me on the back]
me: [massive internal squee!]

as he left, i whispered to my friend, "do you think he's gay?" (not like it matters, really.)

she whispered back, "i don't know, but i've been wondering about that!"

me: come to my office. NOW.

so we went to my office and i closed the door. considering why i had her come with me, i'm not quite sure how it happened, but it came out that she had a bit of a thing for him, too. he's just so nice.

me: cam calls him my "IT boyfriend."
her: i want an IT boyfriend.
me: we can share him.
her: okay.

ever since then, we've been really silly about our newfound bond.

me: [he] came to talk to me. he sat in my office and smiled at me many times.
her: about what??????????
me: it was work-related obviously, but still! he was here. in my office. my day is complete.
her: lucky!!!!!!
me: he would be so red if he read this.
her: let's print it out and put it on his chair after he leaves.....

yesterday morning i sent him a screenshot of an error message because he tracks those for us. he peeked into my office on his way in to let me know he had received my email and would be investigating it shortly. later he sent me a very nice email:

Thanks so much for letting me know about the error - indeed it was like a traffic jam. :-) We are implementing some measures in order to prevent that type of error in the future. As always, I really appreciate your help and support!

i forwarded it to my friend.

me: i love him.
her: he's going to ___________ for lunch today... i almost want to go there too!
me: is [another IT guy we know and love] going, too?
her: i don't know…..wouldn't that be nice!
me: we would be such stalkers!
her: yeah, but he's so polite, he'll probably just ask us to join him.
me: that's true -- but I think I might be too paralyzed to speak.
her: it's like having a teenage crush!

i think her last comment sums things up nicely. it IS like having a teenage crush. it's fun. harmless. and, if nothing else, at least our laughter gives people something to talk about. (including IT folks.)

cam: don't forget -- he's in IT.
cam: he could be reading your emails.
me: feh!
cam: [laughing]



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