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ham and jam

at work we have a decent spamblocker. not great, but decent. i'd say it's somewhere in between gmail's (fab) and hotmail's (awful). i'm actually glad that it isn't more effective because it's somewhat satisfying to be able to immediately reduce a pile of new messages by 5-10 as soon as i open up outlook in the morning.

anyway, this morning one bit of trash got through that completely irritated me. every once in a while, i'll see one with a display name of my first initial and my last name. you just kind of have to shrug at that. but today the display name on this one was MY WORK EMAIL ADDRESS. and it went to a bunch of people at work. gah. now that's just rude, dammit. it's like paul millander using grissom's prints at a crime scene. don't toy with me, spammers.



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