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new acquisition

i guess laptops must be like tattoos. once you have one, you want more.

cam's laptop is feeling rather surly these days. why wouldn't it? after a few years of rewarding and interesting labor, it is being put out to pasture in favor of a newer, shinier, fancier, slimmer laptop. it is being pensioned out like an old horse that's still worth too much to be sent to the glue factory. it is being sentenced to a lifetime of bejeweled, etc. WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE. (yep, he's giving the laptop to his mom.)

cam is getting a mac. he is as giddy as a schoolgirl with a new boyfriend. if he could text-message his new computer to declare his love, i think he would. as it is, he's been checking the tracking info every ten minutes.

cam: if they say it'll ship by november 3, does that mean on or before november 3?

he was rather bummed that it seemed to be stuck in anchorage over the weekend, but things are looking up.

me: so where is the almighty laptop now?
cameron: shockingly, its about 10 miles away in canoga park
me: why don't you call them and say, "hey, why don't you leave it there -- i'll come by and pick it up myself"
cameron: feh

you just know he was thinking about it.



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