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off to buy a racetrack

so. attempts of minimizing gender-stereotyping toywise for paul have failed miserably.

my mother tells me that she was watching tv with paul when a commercial for some sort of singing kitchen set came on. three little girls were frolicking with it, making magical cakes and crap like that.

my mom: paul, do you want that?
my mom: it looks like fun.
paul: no.
paul: that's for girls.

well, shit. then he got on the phone.

paul: boytoy!
me: excuse me?
paul: boytoy!
me: what exactly would be a toy for a boy?
paul: red and blue [mumble] racetrack!
me: and where would you buy this racetrack?
paul: albertsons.


me: well, it's a good thing he doesn't know what the common usage of "boytoy" is.
my mom: [laughing] yeah.
me: because... otherwise, he's being rather inappropriate for his age.



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