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online gaming

paul: you want to play with me?
me: what do you want to play?
paul: mickey mouse clubhouse games.

paul has fairly recently become obsessed with playing games on the nick jr. and disney sites. he seems to call all online games "mickey mouse clubhouse games." why i don't know -- the mickey mouse clubhouse games are not so great. we like "goofy's silly slide," but it is only interesting for so long. we often play with the handy manny "toy factory" because animating these strange contraptions can be quite entertaining.

just the other day paul discovered the backyardigans' racing game. this seems to be his favorite right now. yesterday he played it with the laptop right side up. then he played it with the laptop on its side. then upside down. finally on the other side. i just watched him, baffled. that's one generous game. i think the only times he didn't win, it was because he was deliberately driving backwards or because he decided that he wanted to let the others win.

paul: where's uniqua?
paul: where's tyrone?
me: i didn't even know you knew their names.

cam had his laptop, paul had mine. i gave up and got my gameboy so i could sit with them and not be too bored.

he's really confident with the laptop. it's oddly cute. he's said a few times that he wants a batman laptop-type toy he saw at target, but i think he'd get mad once he realizes that he can't use it to go to his regular sites.



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