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paternal resemblance

today i saw a lot of people i haven't seen in years. a lot of those people either have never seen paul or haven't seen him since he was a tiny baby. this means that they might have a clearer eye for him than i do.

everyone cooed over paul: he's so big! he has such wonderful skin! look at those eyes! he is the spitting image of his father!

he is?

i looked at paul and cam -- and against the black clothing of mourning (and at the very least the respectable facade of such) and the swarthiness and the black hair (naturally so and artificially boosted), my two guys were all white skin and brown hair. this child, once similarly swarthy black haired, now had cam's coloring. i know i've marveled about this from time to time, but it's been a while since i last thought about it. i really do look like the illegal immigrant nanny.

cam: he has her eye shape... and her nose...

it's okay, i don't mind that he doesn't look a whole lot like me. all that really matters is that he looks like himself.



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