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powers of imagination

last night cam was tearing apart the house looking for a red screwdriver. more specifically, he was looking for a bit that might be at the tip of said red screwdriver. we told paul what we were doing and tried to enlist his help, but no go. he was getting into things and generally making a mess.

tiring of watching paul ignore cam's repeated entreaties, i offered paul a baby shoe (one of mine, actually) that was sitting on a shelf.

me: look, paul, a baby shoe.
paul: what you said?
me: it's a baby shoe.
paul: a baby shoe?

he instantly put it to work, making the scuffed white patent shoe fly around the room. i asked paul who should ride inside the shoe. he suggested a firefighter action figure, which we found in the living room. the shoe, its passenger, a garden kneeling cushion and a strange doll head (cam found it. don't ask.) served to distract paul for at least a good twenty minutes, at least until cam gave up on his search and went out to home depot to buy another one. (then paul and i tried to do some searching on our own. more on that later.)

you can never underestimate the ability of a child to think of something fun to do with the most random of objects.



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