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last night paul wanted to watch "cars" yet again.

cam had mentioned on the way home that he wanted to try to convince paul to watch "monsters, inc." or "finding nemo" instead, so when paul brought this up, cam started rooting through our dvds. paul found cam's "aqua teen hunger force" dvds and asked to watch that.

um, no?

i happened to catch sight of our "harold and the purple crayon" dvds, so i suggested that we check out that show instead. (we actually bought those a while back, i think, just because we thought they were cute, not with the intention of having paul watch them. the purchase may even predate paul, i don't remember.)

we ended up watching three or four episodes, including the dead goldfish one. (that was kind of stressful. asks paul, "it's dead?") he really seemed to like it -- in fact, he even wanted to watch the opening sequence for each new ep at least in part because he wanted to say something at the same point each time. the first time we watched it, i pointed out a moment where the illustrations looked very similar to the "64 zoo lane" drawings. on subsequent viewings, paul wanted to be the one to point it out.

paul: [sideways look] 64 zoo lane.

i'm glad he liked the show so much. i could sort of do without all the singing, but there's just something so adorable about harold and his fab sketching ability. plus, this gives us just the rationale we needed to convince paul to wear footie pajamas again.

me: just put on this one-piece babysuit...
paul: these are for babies?
paul: i'm not a baby.
me: oops, i mean, footie pajamas.
me: just like harold.
paul: okay.



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