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last night in the car on the way home, i felt a sudden itch on my right calf. i scratched and scratched at the strange little bump on my leg.

me: something bit me.
me: do you have fleas in here or something?
cam: [insulted] NO!

i scratched some more and then forgot about it.

after we had been home for a while, i changed my shoes and realized that my sandals were really tight around my ankles. i tromped around the house, bewailing my state.

me: i have cankles!
me: paul, were you playing with my sandals?
me: do my ankles look swollen?
me: did anyone readjust the straps?
me: [to my mom] do my feet look fat to you?

cam was busy with paul, but i saw him smile indulgently at what he must have perceived to be an image problem.

then it hit me. what if this was related to the bite i got in the car? hm.

i changed into slippers and went to the kitchen to eat dinner (since cam and paul were going to be eating meat leftover from various gatherings, i wanted to eat my lonely vegetarian meal in peace). i nibbled some corn chips and suddenly had the uncomfortable feeling in my mouth and throat as if the chips had been subjected to peanut fumes. it wasn't like i was going into anaphylactic shock or anything -- it was just a sudden discomfort. i put the chips down. lovely. i was having an allergic reaction to something i don't even know what.

cam started to get worried.

cam: if it gets worse, we're going to the hospital.
me: [thinking] i'm not getting back into that flea-ridden car...

at cam's urging, i took some benadryl. i fought to stay awake. i didn't want to pass out and leave cam with paul all evening, especially considering that cam's laptop had arrived (yay!) and that i'm sure he wanted to play with his new toy.

paul and i played "hey you, pikachu" and painted with watercolors. (cam painted a bit, too.)

when cam declared it was bedtime, i went to sleep. not sure how long they stayed awake, but at least i didn't feel like i had abandoned cam to that deceptively mild-mannered little lion we call paul.

this morning i felt like i had a hangover. still feeling rather dehydrated. hope this feeling passes soon so i can work. right now, that's more important to me than figuring out what bit me.



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