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we went to target after work because i needed to buy a sympathy card. we found one that was actually fairly tasteful and lacking in rhymes, so i bought a few.

cam: you probably shouldn't buy a lot of those.
me: but i should -- if i buy a lot, then no one else will die.
me: i'm always just a little bit behind in my preparedness.

i thought we were in a hurry, but cam had to play with a zune. then he found the wii display and stood there like a man in love. i took a picture on my phone of him ogling it. he was initially less than pleased by target's buy-3-games-get-a-$25-target-card promotion, but quickly realized that he already had three games to buy. in the car, he was like a little boy. "you'll play with me, right?"

seeing his excitement, it's hard to believe this is the same guy who said so nonchalantly just a few days ago that he was much more excited by burger king's sneaKing than by the wii.

cam: [dryly] i have a better chance of getting the game.



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