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my mom called me today.

my mom: paul wants to go to albertsons.
me: albertsons? why?
my mom: because "it's possible" that they might have "big boy toys."
my mom: i told him they only had baby toys.
me: i see.

she put him on the phone.
me: i hear you want to go to albertsons.
paul: yes.
me: don't you have enough toys?
paul: no.
paul: my room is empty.
me: empty?
me: what do you want?
paul: a radio-controlled...
me: you wanted a remote-controlled giant excavator and you got one.
paul: me want a radio-controlled giant spider.
me: oookay.

i think cam was amused.
cam: i see.
cam: he tried to convince me to go to ralphs last night after going to in'n'out.

when did albertsons become the in place to buy toys? argh. however, as much as i wince just thinking about it, i must admit that the sale of toys at grocery stores is sheer brilliance. how many times have you heard, "if you just sit down/shut up/stop pinching your sister/leave that cereal alone/hold still/stop whining, i'll buy you a toy?" thank god whole foods doesn't have a real toy aisle.



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