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shake, rattle and roll

paul had $55 in toys'r'us giftcards from gifty occasions that i just put aside and forgot. in retrospect, i can't believe i was able to not use these for so long. i'm sure i told him, but really, he was two. how much could i expect him to remember?

on friday we took the giftcards and some more recent birthday money (i could never forget cash) to tru to finally let paul have the boytoy of his dreams: the fisher price shake 'n' go racetrack. turned out to be much cheaper than expected, plus i had a $5 coupon because paul's a member of the tru birthday club. (they also sent him a $3 giftcard, but it couldn't be combined with any coupons.)

that thing is insane. it's fast, it's noisy, it's exercise. it even includes a warning to keep hair away from the track/cars to avoid entanglement. (ouch.) much to paul's irritation, the track is not reconfigurable. (he's totally spoiled by wooden train tracks.) oh well. he still seems to enjoy it, though.

a few weeks back i had jokingly told him that i wanted this toy for christmas.
paul: no, i want it.
paul: i will share with you.
now that we have it, i have caught him looking at me at least three times since friday.
paul: [anxiously] this is what you wanted?
me: yes, sweetheart, this is what i wanted.
satisfied, he goes back to playing.

i do think this is an interesting toy, but i really thought i had at least another year ahead of me before this kind of thing would invade my home.



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