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my mother bought us a beautiful step tansu for our 8-year anniversary. it's absolutely lovely and looks really good in our living room. i had been wanting one (and semi-coveting the much larger and lighter-colored one she has in her own living room), but... i have issues with paying a lot of money for accent furniture. a few weeks back i mentioned to her that i was contemplating buying one because i thought i had the perfect spot for one, not realizing that she'd take that as a shopping challenge.


when she told me she had ordered one for us, i secretly cringed because, well, my mom's taste... to put it diplomatically, is not the same as mine. but it is beautiful, and i thank her sincerely for such a thoughtful gift. (mind you, even if it were uglier than sin, i would still thank her for her generosity.)

now if only i could keep paul from climbing it...



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