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the sunny side of the street

last night i had a migraine. it dulled down for a bit, so i cooked dinner and then promptly felt worse. i went to bed ridiculously early. sweet cam took care of paul.

this morning i felt kind of better -- until i realized that paul (who had slept next to me) had wet everything within wetting distance: his clothes, the sheet, the pillowcases, the pillows, the comforter, the duvet cover, the mattress pad, my shirt.

paul: [crying] i just peed everywhere.
me: that you did.

the house was a mess. plates from dinner were still out on the counter, toys were all over the floor, stuff was just lying in messy heaps. it was like that commercial for cold medicine (i think it was for cold medicine) where the mom is sick and she has to kick stuff out of the way just to get down the hallway. i sighed.

but -- in the grand scheme of things, it's absolutely no big deal. paul was happy (once he was dry), he and cam had a pretty good time, i got some sleep, and the damage to the house is minimal.

i thank you, hon, for being a good sport. you're the best.



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