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after a long day of working in the backyard, cam headed off to home depot to pick up some edging to finish off the area he's been prepping for sod.

he returned with an extra purchase in hand -- a cone of string. silly me, thinking he was going to use the string for something yard-related. nope. he wanted to set up a zip line in the living room.

once he had it in place, we took one of paul's action figures (a fireman) and proceeded to try to get him to slide his way across the room. i fashioned a hook out of a twist tie, but that didn't really work until cam told me to get a straw. i cut a short length of straw, slid it onto the string from the end of the line (i had originally planned to just slit the straw, but cam said that wouldn't work -- since he was speaking with the voice of experience here, i obligingly stepped back), then wrapped the twist tie around the straw. the fireman flew.

paul was delighted.

when he gets older, i hope he remembers things like this. not that we bought him whatever toys he wanted or that we let him futz around with our computers, but that we played with him. i don't think i played much with my parents when i was a child and i don't necessarily believe that i'm worse off for it, but i know even back then i rationalized that the reason why they didn't play was that they were older than my friends' parents and therefore just couldn't find the time or energy. i don't want paul to be making excuses for us.



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