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aguilera and swayze

one night the three of us were hanging out in our bedroom, playing with a balloon that cam had filled half with helium, half with air from his own lungs. it behaved most amusingly, especially when combined with the static electricity that runs rampant through our home.

somewhere in the middle of the smack-the-balloon game, paul grew tired of it and invented his own game, which involved taking the box of uninflated balloons (just the little water balloon kind) and dumping them all over the bed. i don't know who said it first -- cam or paul -- but soon the scene was being described as "dirty with balloons."

paul: we're having a dirty party.

he flung them into the air and let them scatter all around him. he stood up on the bed and put balloons on his head.

paul: i am doing a dirty dance.
paul: dirty!



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