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cool vibes and strong drinks

my work holiday party this year was the best ever.

i don't know how it is for most firms (cam's parties are the only ones i've attended, minus my dad's work holiday parties and his were very similar to mine), but my parties have generally been located in hotel ballrooms. the whole time you're there, you're very conscious of the fact that you are at a work holiday party. this one was at a club, so it was more like just being at a club with surprise! most of your coworkers.

the food was meh -- the buffet lines were poorly thought out, so it was kind of complicated just getting to eat. at least the bars were plentiful and well-stocked (for what i wanted, anyway). the way some people were behaving, it looks like they had skipped the buffet all together. can't say that i blame them. i had some pasta (which was tasty) and salad, which would have been good if it weren't for the final bite. i was eating as fast as i could because food was secondary that night, but the last bite of salad made me stop dead because i suddenly identified a nut-like thing (think it was a walnut) in my mouth. i didn't actually bite into it, though, and i think that's what saved my evening. cam ran and got me some sugar, so the sugar high combined with the g&ts gave me a slightly manic buzz which lasted the whole evening.

we got stuck in the elevator with a crowd of annoying people who wanted to talk about being stuck in the elevator. thank goodness the staff rescued us before too long.

once we hit the dance floor, we never left it except for brief air breaks. we danced and sang along with the headlining act, the former frontman of a famous '80s band. i flirted with the guitar player and a female backup singer. cam stole a tambourine off the stage. my boss was standing on the dance floor, watching the show (and his boyfriend dancing). we made eye contact and i somewhat sheepishly waved. my assistant and his wife showed up and we danced with them. a cover band took over and we danced some more with other members of my department -- including one woman who stuck her straw into my drink to see what i was drinking. if i had had more sense, i would have told her to keep my drink.

when we got home, paul had just woken up, upset. i sat on the couch with him to watch blue's clues, but when cam came back inside after putting the car in the garage, i passed paul off so i could pass out. i wanted to stay up with him, but all the drinking caught up with me and i felt like if i didn't lie down, i was going to throw up all over the child. all future parenting awards would have been revoked.

it was an excellent party. i fear i embarrassed myself, but i guess i won't know until i get to work tomorrow.



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