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familiar scenery

the other night cam and i were watching an ep of csi: miami about a prison break. in the final minutes of the show, it was announced that a potential victim of one of the escapees was on a field trip with her school at a local aquarium.

knowing that csi: miami is filmed here, you'd think that light bulbs would have gone off instantly. nope. so when i saw them walking into the aquarium of the pacific in long beach, i laughed in pure glee and pointed it out to cam.

the best part was when they located the escaped inmate -- he was wearing a faux-uniform with a patch on the sleeve for the "aquarium of the atlantic." we giggled like schoolgirls.

even though we've been watching csi and now csi: miami for a while now, i never see familiar places (which is kind of pleasing actually because then i can pretend that yes, those shows are really shot on location). my old assistant mentioned walking through the set of csi: ny near work, but since i don't watch that show, i'm more meh about that. it's fun to watch numb3rs and see stuff from around here -- but it's set here, so spotting a familiar landmark isn't a big deal. it's meant to be a familiar landmark.

but that's tv. put a movie in the area and i'm all a-twitter. when we watched "jackie brown" several years ago, i was so happy to see carson and torrance on the screen that i pointed out a bail bonds place to my dad every single time we ate at a particular ihop -- and that was pretty much close to monthly.

when i was in college, when people found out that i was from so cal, i'd fairly regularly get the "do you see a lot of movie stars?" bit. initially it was kind of cute. then it was kind of annoying. finally i just accepted it as a conversational tool:

to people from seattle: "must be nice to finally get away from all that rain."
to people from new york: "how many times have you been to the top of the empire state building?"

but i digress.

i keep telling myself that i'll pay more attention to locations on tv and movies, but i think it would be best if i didn't -- i suspect that would kill the silly mindless joy of suddenly realizing you're watching an actor walking in front of a place just down the street.



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