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holiday greetings

am really quite pleased with my christmas card this year. (i'll post it christmas day.) it came together really fast -- much faster than last year's card, which i loved but nobody else seemed to like. cam liked it, though, so i better mention that before he complains.

i've been doing the homemade -- photoshopmade? -- card since paul was one. i don't even remember his first christmas, but i know we sent out homemade birth announcements in early november, so we probably just skipped the whole christmas card thing.

the next year i made a red card with snowflakes and three pictures of paul at the park. it was astonishingly well received. i was flattered by all the praise, but in retrospect i realize that 90% of said praise had nothing to do with my spectacular photoshop skills, but rather to do with the sheer adorableness of my wee boy.

the following year i worked really hard on a card with ornaments and silhouettes of cam, paul and myself. to satisfy the photo people, i enclosed a close-up picture of paul that i had just happened to take while playing around with the camera. any comments received only had to do with that picture. no one cared about the card i had slaved over.

this year i returned to the photo card. i actually mocked it up sometime before thanksgiving, and it's pretty funny how i managed to stay faithful to that mock-up. i finished the card on friday and started prepping them to send over the weekend. it's nice, simple and it features two of my favorite free fonts (fontdinerdotcom, regular and sparkly, courtesy of the font diner). i hope people like it. if my work gets shunned two years running, i think i'll just order cards from costco next year.



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