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mommy's bakeshop

while at cam's parents' house on christmas eve, cam's mom mentioned something about dessert and how we'd have to find something for paul. i instantly felt guilty.

me: i could make cookies and frost them...?

so that was what i set out to do. even though i had already mixed up a batch of cookie dough (baked about a dozen, then froze the rest), i decided to make more and use cookie cutters. let me tell you -- cookie cutters and chocolate chip cookies do not necessarily go together. i used a tree, a little girl and a little boy. with the trees, i let the shape push the chips around. with the boys and girls, i just chopped right through the chips. amusingly enough -- and obviously -- the first boys and girls were a lot less chocolate-y in color and taste than the last ones.

while the cookies cooled, i made icing with powdered sugar, gluten-free vanilla, a touch of soy milk and some water. i meant to use all soy milk until i realized that it made the icing look kind of dirty. i spooned it into two separate ziplocs and added food coloring. i ended up with a bright turquoise blue and a bright pink. happy colors. i realized too late i should have saved some of the icing so i could have green, too. oh well. wasn't about to mix any more. as i worked, i told cam that i had never decorated cookies with my family as a kid because "when you grow up in a house as full of self-loathing and poor self-image as i did," there's pretty much no way that anything as remotely familial and sweets-centered as american holiday baking is ever going to happen.

the next morning paul and i iced some of the cookies. cam took pictures. when paul got bored and ran away, i wrote our names (sort of) in icing on a piece of wax paper.

paul ate the cookies with delight -- the tiny boys and girls were just the right size (he never could get more than halfway through a tree) -- but did not care for the iced ones.

me: do you want a cookie?
paul: no frosty.
paul: i don't want one with frosty.

he rejected any cookie that had even rested against a colored one. (discrimination in cookieland!) luckily we didn't ice very many. i also tried to bake some bread for paul, but that didn't come out too well because i lacked sufficient arm strength to really get the dough going (did i mention how i snapped a wooden spoon in two the last time i tried to make bread? eesh.). to give this bread effort a fighting chance, cam is going to buy me a kitchenaid mixer (yay!), so i would have to say that particular result alone makes this holiday baking experiment a success.



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