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natural born showman

paul recently has been calling us over to watch "movies." by "movies," he means "stop whatever it is you're doing and watch me do something." it's always worth it, though, even if only for the descriptions of said "movies."

paul: come see this movie!
cam: what is it?
paul: making hay.
cam: hay?
paul: barn food for cows.
cam: [mouthing to me] barn food for cows?
me: [silent helpless hilarity]

paul: i'm making tiny pieces of gum for daddy.
me: you are?
paul: no, i'm going to make it into little marbles by putting it into a cranker.
me: a cranker?
paul: the grabber puts it into a lifter.
paul: and then the lifter puts it into the cranker.
me: very interesting.



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