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no paul is an island

this morning cam and paul came into the office with me because a friend was going to be there with her baby. since paul is obsessed with this particular friend (and her baby), i thought he'd enjoy the visit.

well. my son is ridiculously anti-social. he takes after his parents. go paul!

he was terrified of the baby, who just wanted to play with him.

paul: no.
paul: [pointing] go over there.

he was perfectly content to watch the baby from a distance. the closer she got, the higher up on me (or cam) paul would climb. (a co-worker got a great photo of him looking at the baby with fear in his eyes -- he captioned the picture "oh yuck, a girl.") he really was much happier hiding in my office. we chuckled when he shut the door.

cam told paul he ought to thank my friend for his christmas present (which she gave me on friday), but he was reluctant, telling cam to do it instead. finally paul gave in just as my friend was leaving to take the baby to daycare.

paul: thank you.
paul: thank you for the air wrench!

i know one day this shyness will fade and i do look forward to that, but for now it's really kind of charming. my son performs for no one unless the mood strikes him.



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