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paul "the dragon" notwilson

last night we went to target to pick up a last-minute gift or two.

paul clamored to put cam's card into the credit card reader, so cam handed it over. paul angled into position and seemed to be just about to put the card into the slot when he suddenly crowed, "cameron [cam's last name]!"

what? i burst out laughing. cam looked astonished.

he kept saying it over and over. i asked him his name.
paul: paul dragon [my last name]-[cam's last name]
me: dragon?

cam asked him my name.
paul: mommy dragon [my last name]-[cam's last name]
me: he still doesn't know my name!

it's interesting. he knows cam's name and will occasionally use it, but no matter how many times he's told my name, he refuses to pick it up. i think that's kind of nice. i'm just mommy.

as for the dragon part, well, that is the translation of his middle name. it isn't the translation of mine, though.



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