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photo shoot

i told cam that if i accomplished nothing else on thursday (aside from work, of course), i was going to get some good pictures of paul to use on our christmas card.

the idea of paul playing with tinkertoys came to me just a few days ago when paul built a "spinner" for the top of the tree. because i'm a control freak, i made a new one. (yeah, i am not sentimental enough, i know.) it doesn't spin, though, which is cool because paul's only spun in his imagination. i've been on the hunt for a good tree topper for years, so this one was just as good as any.

i moved his tin of tinkertoys in front of the tree with a command: play! paul was meh about it. i took pictures of him running and dancing, playing with a snow globe, everything but playing with tinkertoys. but then it occurred to me to actually put something together. i built a tower and he sprang into action, telling me what it was for and what it was able to do. i got lots of good pictures that way, thank goodness. i had been feeling rather dejected until inspiration hit.



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