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pots and plates and spoons and forks

we are always in a quiet war over the dishes. i don't mind doing them, honestly. there really is something kind of pleasing about dishwashing. turning a sinkful of used plates and utensils into a clean, shiny and empty sink and a dishdrainer loaded with sparkling items (presto!) is quite nice. it's not something i necessarily want to do, but the accomplishment aspect is something i can appreciate.

but when cam says he's going to do the dishes, he wants to do the dishes. okay, fine. but when he wants to do the dishes, he wants to do them on his own time. um, no, that's not so fine.

me: when you say you'll do the dishes, you have to remember something.
cam: what?
me: you're not just working on your own timeline.
me: you also have to deal with mine.

when cam and i lived in apartments, we often had mold problems because the dishes would sit. it was gross, but in a way it didn't matter too much because, well, we were renting. in our house, i don't. want. mold.

i've been feeling guilty over my mom doing the dishes, so i now try harder to get them done before bed. part of me thinks this sucks because i also cook (sometimes), but eh, it's got to get done. unfortunately, recently i had to tell cam that i had to take a break from the dishes for a while because my eczema was coming back. he swore he'd take over.

last tuesday he told me he'd do the dishes. he didn't get to them that night, so he told me he'd do them on wednesday because he would be working from home. when he picked me up from work, he admitted he had not yet done them and warned me away. we ate dinner before picking up paul from his parents' house. when he went to go do the dishes, they were already done.

me: mom, did you do the dishes?
my mom: yes.
me: you have to stop that.
my mom: huh?
me: cam was supposed to do them.
me: you are undermining my authority.
my mom: i am? [laughing]
me: when i was younger, you always said that i should never start doing things for a man that i didn't want to have to be doing my whole life.
my mom: i did?
me: so if cam is going to help out around here by doing the dishes, he needs to do the dishes.
me: you can't do them for him.
me: [laughing] you are interfering in my marriage.
my mom: [looking sheepish]

me: cam, apparently you don't just need to deal with my timeline.
me: you need to deal with my mom's.

so this week came around and cam had a pile of dishes again. walking into the kitchen, he saw my mom already there.

cam: you didn't do the dishes, did you?
my mom: no, i got a lecture the last time.
me: exaggerators! i live with exaggerators!

well, maybe i did lecture her... but at least cam took care of the dishes.



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