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cam and i went to the third performance in our geffen subscription, carrie fisher's "wishful drinking." it was interesting in the way that our theater dates almost always are, but i think we were a little too young and too easily embarrassed for the whole experience. sometimes people would drop dead laughing on either side of us while we'd just silently exchange wtf? looks in the dark. just not a fan of the gossipy confessional. we're not co-conspirators in this tabloid life of yours, so please don't try to make us feel like you're sharing something deep with the crowd. i also felt there wasn't a whole lot of flow going on. "hey, i don't have anything more to say about this topic so i'll just sing a song now" doesn't really work for me as a transition.

it wasn't all bad, though. at the very least i can say i have seen leia in the flesh.



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