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red rocket

if it wasn't for the wiggles and mickey mouse clubhouse, i wouldn't know anything about playhouse disney -- i am not really crazy about any of their shows. in fact, they pretty much bug. (handy manny is kind of funny, though. occasionally.)

the little einsteins are at the top of my don't-watch list because while i don't find it ludicrous that four little kids roam the world in a rocket, i do find it ludicrous that said little kids are so well versed in classical music and art. and since i don't really like classical music -- i am clearly lowbrow -- the show gets on my nerves.

however, there is one thing that the little einsteins do that i like -- they ask for pat-pat-pat help to get their rocket going. i like it for this one reason: when cam tries to pat along, paul gets mad.

cam: fine, fine.
cam: they don't need my help.



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