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the eye of the artist

paul and cam showed me a picture paul drew the other day. it was of a submarine and a giant squid. that's my boy. cam tells me that the squid started out as a person, but became a squid once paul decided to draw a submarine.

tonight he drew a banana in yellow chalk.

paul has never really been one for drawing. crayons and markers hold limited interest. with his doodle pro, he prefers to erase pictures that we draw for him.

i thought that kids of this age loved to draw, but mine would rather play the most mundane of computer games (that little tykes safety town game on nick jr. is the dullest thing i've ever seen, but jesu cristo, how the boy loves it). i don't remember when i decided that drawing was fun, but i must have been older. i expect one day he'll get a bigger kick out of it and i'll have a veritable art gallery, but for now, i will treasure these strange little drawings that are finally more than just squiggles.



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