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the other day cam and i went to the target near my old house. it's been a while since we've been there. they haven't been restocking much because they're going to be closing in january for remodeling.

i needed some press 'n' seal (love that stuff, even if you have to scrub plates, etc. kind of hard to be sure you get the adhesive off), so i went looked at their sadly depleted shelves and could only find the freezer kind. Not ideal, but at least it was something. cam rooted around a bit and found a holiday two-pack of freezer and regular. according to the tag on the shelf, it was on sale for $8.99, a dollar off the regular price. thinking perhaps that the holiday boxes contained more wrap, cam checked the amounts only to find they didn't hold any more than the plain freezer wrap (which was only $2+).

cam: that can't be right.

he took the holiday wrap over to the price-checker. he came back smiling. it was only $2.50.

cam: you want more?

i took two. yay for a bargain, and yay for festive plastic wrap!



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