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a sister or a girlfriend?

yesterday we went to the new lowes over by costco in torrance. it was shiny and new and surprisingly crowded for a store for new year's eve. it really wasn't much different from any other lowes, just shinier and newer. they had brand new car carts, so for once it was quite nice to grab one of those and push paul around the store. well, i would have pushed him if i hadn't been wearing flipflops -- the weight of the cart plus the slick floors meant i had to strain really hard to get the cart going.

as we walked around, we saw a lot of car carts with a lot of kids. paul expressed a wish for a girl to sit next to him. huh? cam explained that if we happened to grab a little girl and stick her in our cart, we'd probably have some angry parents on our hands. paul later told me to sit with him (paul: daddy can carry you and put you in the cart!), but that moment quickly passed.

when we mention this story, everyone seems to have the same reaction i did initially: the boy's a pre-gigolo! but thinking back to the store, almost every kid in a car cart had a sibling sitting next to them. maybe that's what he wanted. i feel kind of bad he had to sit in that big cart all alone.



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