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paul wanted to empty out his piggy bank. (it's not really a pig -- it's a puppy with "paul" nicely written on the side. it barks when you put in money. "puppy bank" sounds funny, though. like a place where you'd get and deposit puppies.)

so he did. all over the floor and his bed. not that he's independently wealthy or anything, but when he first got it, he actively solicited donations from anyone willing to part with some change. the thing was stuffed. it was so jampacked it wouldn't even bark anymore.

the coins were then used in made-up games involving throwing money at walls and behind the bed. i expect that when we move the furniture around in paul's room we are going to find a fortune.

night before last i tried to strike a deal with paul. he pick up the coins and i'd get out his toy bowling set. i was so tired of slipping around on change, tired of finding them everywhere, tired of hearing them clank whenever i sat on the bed.

paul: put them in my hand?
me: no, well... yes, put them in your hand and then put them in your bank.
paul: i will pick up ten.
me: no, you have to pick up all of them or i won't give you your bowling set.
paul: it's so difficult.
me: it's not.
paul: here are ten.
paul: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
me: it's not hard -- here's another one.
paul: eleven!
me: i'm not going to give you the bowling set.
me: you didn't pick up all the coins.
paul: i don't want the bowling set.
me: [despairingly] look, i pushed all the coins together.
me: now you can pick them up easier.
paul: [leaves the room]
me: [sighs]

so last night i just picked them up myself, put them in the bank (which barked for several minutes straight) and put the bank on top of an armoire. the boy didn't even notice. i should have just done it earlier. sure, he needs to learn to clean up after himself, but people who throw stones at me for this have never had to live with 50 bucks in change all over their wood floors.



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