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daily phone call

me: hi.
paul: hullo.
me: hullo.
me: what's up?
paul: eating.
paul: eating again... eating corntilla.

my mom: [in the background] he's trying to kiss you.
me: he's trying to kiss the phone?
paul: [kiss]
my mom: [to paul] no, no, your mommy doesn't eat bacon!
my mom: he's trying to put the little bowl of bacon in front of the phone.

paul: i love you.
paul: bye.
paul: [to my mom] she's going back to work
me: um, bye.
my mom: [laughing] he wanted to call you.
my mom: he dialed the phone himself.
my mom: he knew he made a mistake -- "that's the wrong number," he said.
my mom: "let's start over."
paul: now let's call my daddy.



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