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greeting card replacement

a few days before cam's birthday a letter arrived from a honda dealer. thinking it might be important, i tucked it into my purse to open/process at work the next morning. much to my utter astonishment, it was a note from the salesman who had asked me to type for him:

dear cameron,
!!! happy birthday !!!
happy birthday to you!..
happy, happy birthday to you!..
happy, happy birthday to cameron!..
happy birthday to youuuuuu!!!!!

i immediately scanned it in and emailed it to cam, whose reaction was less than kind.

cam: wtf?

on friday another copy showed up, identical except for the fact that it was addressed to me instead of cam. it's a nice gesture -- i mean, i don't think he could have the dealer receptionist do this kind of stuff -- but it's just so... nutty. much more nutty than the fact that cam's audi salesman sent over an unsigned photo christmas card of himself standing in front of the dealership.



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